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The Toby Awards

2019 Teddy Bear of the Year Award competition

Here’s the news that teddy bear artists around the world have been waiting for... the prestigious, world-famous 2019 TOBY Awards are now open.

The Teddy Bear of the Year (TOBY) competition celebrates excellence in conception, design, and execution of teddy bears and soft-sculpture animals. Photos of all the entries are reviewed by teddy bear artists and other professionals within the industry, who evaluate each submission on overall aesthetic appeal, excellence in concept, design, and workmanship.

TOBY Entry Rules

2019 Timetable


May 1-July 31, 2019:

TOBY 2019 competition entry period

August 15-26, 2019:

Industry's Choice judging

September 6, 2019:

Industry's Choice winners/Public's Choice nominees appear in Teddy Bear Times & Friends issue 243

September 6, 2019:

Online voting for Public's Choice opens.

October 6, 2019:

Deadline for Public's Choice voting.

November 2019:

Winners of the Public's Choice Awards appear in Teddy Bear Times & Friends issue 244.

How to Enter

The fee for the first entry is $65.
Additional entries are $35 each.


The fee for the first entry is $65. Additional entries are $35 each. Payment must be made by credit card. These fees are nonrefundable. Fees are applied to the contest’s administrative and publicity costs.


Include three photos. See the full contest rules.

TOBY discount offer

Everyone who enters the 2019 TOBY Awards will receive a discount offer good toward the purchase of an ad in Teddy Bear Times & Friends as well as one (1) free issue of Teddy Bear Times & Friends (print edition for addresses in the United States; digital only for foreign addresses), and a discount code for an annual subscription to Teddy Bear Times & Friends. Limit one ad discount, one subscription discount, and one free magazine per artist or company.


Entries must be received by July 31, 2019.


The fee for the first entry is $65. Additional entries are $35 each.

Artist Categories

$ 65
  • Miniature Dressed Bear
    (5 inches or smaller)
  • Miniature Undressed Bear
    (5 inches or smaller)
  • Small Dressed Bear
    (over 5 inches; under 14 inches)
  • Small Undressed Bear
    (over 5 inches; under 14 inches)
  • Large Dressed Bear
    (14 inches or larger)
  • Large Undressed Bear
    (14 inches or larger)
  • Miniature "Friend"
    (5 inches or smaller, no bears)
  • Small "Friend"
    (over 5 inches; under 14 inches, no bears)
  • Large "Friend"
    (14 inches or larger, no bears)
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$ 65
  • Manufactured Bear
    (any size, dressed or undressed)
  • Manufactured "Friend"
    (any size, dressed or undressed, no bears)
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Additional Artist Categories

$ 65
  • Nontraditional Materials
    (bear or “friend,” any size, dressed or undressed, made mostly from nontraditional materials including, but not limited to, felted fibers, yarn, polymer clay, or wood)
  • Set
    (two or more bears and/or “friends” presented as belonging together and/or sold primarily or exclusively together; any size, dressed or undressed)
  • Vignette
    (one or more bears and/or “friends” with costume, props and/or a background or base, arranged in scene)
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